Delivery, Cancellation, and Refund


### **Processing and Refund**

No refunds will be issued for AI-generated predictions once processing has begun. Users should be careful in providing accurate information for the AI consultation. ihoroscopegpt is not liable for refunds once an AI consultation has been processed.


### **Order Cancellation**

Orders for AI-generated predictions cannot be refunded once executed. To cancel before execution, contact customer support within 1 hour of payment. Any decisions regarding refunds after this period are at the discretion of ihoroscopegpt.


### **Technical Issues**

Delays or glitches in AI prediction generation will not be eligible for refunds. ihoroscopegpt ensures best efforts in maintaining the website’s functionality but is not liable for technical disruptions.


### **Incorrect Information**

Refunds will not be issued for incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user. It is essential to verify all details before finalizing your request. Corrections to information for AI predictions must be made within 1 hour of submission.


### **Damage Responsibility**

As the service involves AI-generated text-based consultations, this clause is not applicable.


### **Product Display and Reality**

Since ihoroscopegpt offers AI-generated astrological predictions, there are no physical products, and this clause is not applicable.


### **Purpose of Products and Services**

ihoroscopegpt’s services are AI-generated astrological predictions and are not substitutes for professional advice in any field. The user assumes responsibility for any decisions made based on these predictions.


### **AI Consultation Features**

No refunds will be issued for incorrect information provided for AI consultation features. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their input data.


### **Refund Deductions**

If a refund is processed, it may be subject to deductions such as transaction fees. The specific deductions will be detailed at the time of refund processing.


### **Server Issues with Payment**

In the event of server issues during payment, users should verify their bank account before retrying. If multiple payments are made for a single consultation, only the cost for one will be retained.


### **Order Cancellation by ihoroscopegpt**

ihoroscopegpt reserves the right to cancel orders for reasons such as service unavailability. In such cases, the full amount paid will be refunded.


### **Quality Audit and Refunds**

Refund requests may involve a quality audit of the AI-generated consultation. This process can take up to 72 hours, after which approved refunds will be credited within 3 days to the user’s ihoroscopegpt account.


### **Refund Conditions**

Refunds may be considered for issues like network problems, language fluency discrepancies in AI predictions, prolonged response times, or irrelevant responses. Note: ihoroscopegpt does not guarantee the accuracy of AI-generated astrological predictions.


### **Product Delivery**

This clause is not applicable as ihoroscopegpt provides text-based AI consultations without physical product delivery.